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Development schemes to be completed soon: Najam Ahmed Shah

Karachi (19 October 2020)
Secretary Local Government, Housing and Town Planning Sindh Najam Ahmed Shah has said that all development schemes of Malir Development Authority should be completed in time.

Talking to Malir Development Authority officials in his office, Najam Ahmed Shah said that illegal constructions and encroachments on all the lands of Malir Development Authority should be completely eradicated and every construction project should be completed on time. The installments of all the schemes should be rescheduled in accordance with the law, the allotment of those who have paid the dues in full should not be delayed, the records of all the lands and properties of the institution should be digitized, every officer should perform his duties honestly. 

The Sindh Local Bodies Secretary warned the MDA officers that steps should be taken to make the balloting process completely transparent and impartial and comprehensive policy should be formulated to safeguard the profit and capital of the people.

Later in an exclusive interview, Najam Ahmed Shah said that all the schemes of Malir Development Authority were introduced for the purpose of housing and resettlement of the people and orders have been issued to remove unnecessary delays and complications and benefit will reach the people. Secretary Local Government Sindh clarified that public welfare and improvement in all development projects is the first objective and manifesto of Sindh Local Government Department.

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